Wholesale Information

If you are interested in distribution or offering the HAI Beauty Concepts line to retail customers, please reach out to us - we love new partners! We offer reliable, innovative styling tools and accessories that are sure to impress your customers and clients.

HAI Beauty Concepts is carried only by select distributors and beauty centers. If you are not sure if our styling tools are a good fit for your store/distribution, please send us a note so we can discuss together. If you intend to sell HAI Beauty Concepts online as well as in your physical location, we must pre-approve your website. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to those who place HAI Beauty Concepts products on Amazon, Ebay or other 3rd party seller sites. Additionally, we pursue all legal trademark and copyright infringements against those who do not abide by our policy. We do our best to support our distributors, beauty centers, and salons and adhering to these policies helps keep sales strong for all of our customers.

To reach a Wholesale Customer Rep, please send an email to 

Happy selling!