What is TRI-DIAMOND CERAMIC™? Essentially a “diamond glitter” coating, it has all the benefits of Teflon with ZERO toxic emissions providing an effortless performance for the ultimate styling experience. The non-stick Tri-Diamond Ceramic™ ensures no hair-pulling, no product buildup and up to 120,000 perfect passes for shinier, heathier-looking hair, every time. Learn more about this advanced technology created for our Gold CONVERTABLE™. 




What is customized control? Have you ever thought your blow dryer settings were too high – or too low? We offer complete heat & wind speed control so that’s never an issue during styling. This allows you to customize your setting so that you aren’t using too much heat on y our hair or not enough. One setting may not be the best setting for you so TAKE CONTROL and set your style! Click here to learn more about the innovative STYLSET professional dryer.



What is Damage Control Technology (DCT)? It’s the next evolution in heat styling appliances! DCT helps reduce hair breakage and damage. The unique textured surface created more contact with hair; hair moves against the heated surface rather than rubbing against other hairs which causes splitting and damage. It separates and cups the hair shaft round with its natural volume – instead of flattened and compressed where bending and breakage can occur. Learn more about our products that are created using DCT.